FaceTime for Windows – Download FaceTime for Windows 10/8/7

Are you looking for a FaceTime for Windows app? FaceTime app is a long-wanted application for the Windows platform. It started gaining attraction back in the days when very few VOIP apps enabled us to make audio/video calls for free using your mobile phones.

FaceTime for Windows enables you to make video and audio calls with your family and friends. It allows you to host group video calls using your PC and Laptop. Apple has packed FaceTime with tons of features that make it an outstanding video calling application for mobile phones and computers. You can already use FaceTime on macOS running machines such as MacBook, MacBook Pro, and etc.

The video quality of FaceTime calls makes it a superior application over other applications. It allows you to make HD video calls using significantly less network bandwidth. It gives you a secure platform to do communicate with friends, family, and even colleagues. The process of setting up FaceTime is very easy and straightforward.

If you want to know more about FaceTime features, keep reading, we got you covered!

Why FaceTime for Windows?

FaceTime is a popular application for video and audio calling on iPhone and macOS platforms. Apple announced FaceTime back in June 2010 for their devices. It was one of the first applications for iPhone users that allowed them to make video calls natively without installing or configuring any application.

FaceTime for Windows

It works directly with your Apple ID, and you can use it even without a working SIM card on your phone. It integrates with your Apple ID in OS and lets you make and receive calls. Since FaceTime’s launch, Apple has tweaked the application and introduced many features such as Animoji, Real-time AR, Group Video Calls, Audio Calls, and secure calling functionality.

Apple uses end-to-end security and gives everything to your hand. There is no way to tap FaceTime or hack into it. People worldwide are using FaceTime regularly, and its native integration gives it more value.

You can easily communicate with anyone without having to worry about data consumption. The compression is excellent, and it gives you an edge. All these features make FT an exciting platform and thus the reason behind its demand among users.

Is FaceTime Better Than Skype?

Skype is one of the oldest VOIP applications available for all range of devices. Almost everyone has used Skype to communicate with one of their friends or family members. Before FaceTime, Skype was the one-stop-application for video calling. It was ranked as the best video calling application out there. Over time, Skype has lost its charm due to continuous bugs and drops in quality.

With deteriorating services from Skype, FaceTime quickly gained the ground among users. Apple integrated FaceTime directly into iOS, just like any other apps on iOS from Apple. It comes with iOS and works out of the box. You don’t have to install any third-party application or create an additional account to use it. It works directly with services that you already have on your iPhone or macOS machine.

FaceTime features include low-bandwidth high-quality video calls and group video calls with up to 32 participants at the same time free of cost. Skype has a commercial side of its services; corporate people use Skype for Business to use group video calls. However, FaceTime allows everything for free of cost.

Download FaceTime for Windows 10/8/7

FaceTime for Windows, how you can get it! The questions stay the same. Apple hasn’t launched any direct application of FaceTime for Windows. You can still get FaceTime working on your regular computers with some of the tweaks and alternative apps.

There are several methods to download FaceTime on Windows for a regular PC, including running emulators and virtual machines. It totally depends on you which way you want to use because our end goal is to enable FaceTime video calling on a Windows computer.

Methods to Download FaceTime on Windows

  • Emulators: Using BlueStacks and iOS Emulators
  • Virtualization: Using Vmware and other virtualization tools (recommended)

Since it is impossible to run FaceTime directly on Windows, our options are limited to third-party solutions such as emulators and virtualizations. We will explain both methods in detail for you and outline some of the myths and wrong information that you get on the internet regarding FaceTime call set up.

Download FaceTime for Windows Using Emulators

download FaceTime for Windows

You might already know about emulators. It is a technology that allows you to emulate another OS inside your current OS, more like virtualization, but it doesn’t support full OS like Windows or macOS. Most popular emulators, such as BlueStacks, are developed to run Android and other vanilla OS.

Running an emulator seems effortless, as it is ready to go approach – but let us break it to you. There is no possible method to run FaceTime on Android or using Emulators. There are tons of fake applications, and APK files are roaming around the internet to hack into the devices.

So, we won’t be recommending any method that will put you and your data at risk. Our approach to running FaceTime on Windows is different. We will be using proper virtualization methods to run a macOS.

FaceTime App for Windows Using Virtualization

We know there is no application for FaceTime on the Windows platform, so how will we do it? The answer is virtualization. We are going to use a tool called VMWare to set up our virtual machine running macOS.

FaceTime for Windows APP

Apple has integrated FaceTime in macOS, just like iOS. You can use FaceTime on your laptop using the virtual machine method. It is effortless and straightforward.

You will be running a macOS virtual machine inside your Windows laptop or computer and use FaceTime to make or receive calls. Many people worldwide are using virtualization to use and try new OS before going ahead with completely transforming your machine into a Hackintosh or Linux.

Step 1: Download VMware on your Windows and Install it.
Step 2: Grab a working macOS file from Apple Server or third-party
Step 3: Install macOS VM on your computer and turn on the virtual machine
Step 4: Complete macOS installation and setup wizard.
Step 5: Voila! You can now launch the FaceTime app on your macOS VM to use FaceTime and iMessage services.

There is another method to use FaceTime on a regular computer, but it requires you to altogether remove Windows and use macOS, and it’s called Hackintosh.

Conclusion: Running FaceTime on Windows

Yes, it is possible to run FaceTime on Windows, but not an official and effective method. Running a VM requires a powerful PC or laptop that can run two operating systems at once. It is worth trying if you really want to enjoy FaceTime calls on your desktop or laptop.