FaceTime for Android – Best Audio/Video Calling App for Your Phone

FaceTime for AndroidAre you looking for a FaceTime APK? FaceTime for Android is one of the most searched applications for Android phones. Since the launch of FaceTime, it has gained lots of attention from cross-platform users. It allows you to host high-quality audio/video calls with your family or friends. 

FaceTime exclusivity makes it more attractive to users. Apple announced FaceTime in 2011 for their devices. The service allows you to make video calls without an actual SIM card. It uses VOIP protocols to connect people all over the world. Security is one of the robust features of FaceTime calls. It allows you to make encrypted calls from your Android and iPhone devices. 

You might have already searched about FaceTime for Android and ended up with a fake APK file. Due to its popularity, many scammers have published fake FaceTime APK files to hack into devices. We do not recommend you download anything from the internet instead of focusing on the correct method to get FaceTime for Android. 

Why FaceTime for Android? 

Well, there is no shortage of applications on Android that give you the same functionality as FaceTime offers. However, the exclusivity of FaceTime to the iOS platform makes it an interesting app. Features like encrypted calls, live AR features, and group calls have given FaceTime an upper hand. 

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Apple has improved FaceTime over the years and made it a pioneer in VOIP-based calling. With a FaceTime group call, you can have more than 32 people at the same time in the call. Using the new AR feature called Animoji, you can have fun during your calls. 

FaceTime was one of the first applications on iOS that allowed VOIP calling on iOS platform. It gives you access to communicate with your friends and family without having to install any third-party app. It works directly with your Apple ID. 

FaceTime for Android Features: 

facetime android featuresFaceTime application offers tons of features that you can use on your Android or iPhone device. It gives you a higher quality of video and audio calling. Here is a list of all features that you get in FaceTime for Android: 

  • Easy to use. 
  • It consumes less bandwidth than other apps. 
  • It allows you host group video calls with up to 32 participants. 
  • Animoji in live FaceTime video calls. 
  • It comes with high-quality video calling up to 1080p depending on your hardware. 
  • You can use both the front and backend camera for your video calling. 
  • Encrypted calls using end-to-end protocols. 
  • It allows you to make calls without a SIM card in your phone. 

These are some of the significant features of FaceTime for Android. It is more focused on improving the experience than adding features to your device. The simple and straightforward method of the application gives it an upper hand on other apps. 

How to Download FaceTime for Android and Install 

Now coming to the point on how to download FaceTime for Android and install on your Android device. Apple made FaceTime exclusive to the iOS platform. There is no direct method or APK file to get for your Android phone. 

The APK files you find on the internet are misleading and fake APK files made by hackers. There is no FaceTime for Android available as of now, but some good alternatives allow you to have the same features. 

FaceTime APK files are usually made by third-party developers who have no background related to Apple. Therefore, there are high chances you will install the wrong APK file on your device and end up getting hacked. 

We recommend you to check the third-party applications from Facebook, WhatsApp, Microsoft. You can use these apps to communicate with both your iPhone and Android user friends or family. 

Apps Like FaceTime APK – FaceTime for Android Alternatives

As we know, FaceTime for Android is not an application available for your device. Exploring FaceTime alternatives is worth looking at. There are many applications in both the App Store and Google Play Store that give you the same functionality as FaceTime offers. 

No worries if you can’t get an actual FaceTime app running on your Android, you can still get the video/audio calling feature that allows you to make secure and encrypted calls. 

  • Google Duo

Google Duo is a newly launched service both for iOS and Android users. It allows you to make audio/video calls with your friends using VOIP protocols, just like FaceTime. Google has been experimenting with social networking for years, and Google Duo is their new take on FaceTime and WhatsApp. 

Google Duo is available for both iPhone and Android users and ranked as one of the best alternatives to FaceTime. You can learn more about Google Duo here. 

  • Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is one of the best applications to communicate and host video parties with your friends and family. With integration from Facebook directly, you don’t have to type in any phone or email ID to initiate a video call. 

Messenger allows you to host group video calls through iOS, Android, and even your computer using any modern browser. You can also use the live AR features packed inside Messenger to have funny video calls with your friends/family or business partners. 

You can learn more about Facebook Messenger from here.

  • WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a widely used texting/calling application. WhatsApp has more than a billion users worldwide and is now expanding towards the business community. It works smoothly with both Android, iPhone, and even with Windows phone. 

Both parties need to have WhatsApp installed and activated on their phone to use their service. Facebook acquired WhatsApp to make it more powerful, and now they have the biggest audience in the market. 

  • Zoom Cloud Meeting

Zoom Cloud Meetings is another alternative that you can use on your phone or computer to have a video calling done smoothly. Zoom has gained lots of attention in the last six months from everyone. It allows you to host big sessions with very less bandwidth. You can read more about Zoom here. 

  • Skype

Skype is one of the oldest services available for video and audio calling over the internet. Skype supports both iPhone and Android platforms and gives you its ideal performance. You can also host group video calls and audio calls using Skype. 

You can use any of these FaceTime alternatives on your Android phone. All of these services allow you to communicate cross-platform, and there is no need to worry about if your primary service doesn’t work on a cross-platform like FaceTime. 

Apple has limited FaceTime and iServices to its devices only. There are more than 1 billion iOS devices out there using FaceTime and iMessage. You cannot run FaceTime on an Android phone; therefore, it is best to use some other app that works the same. 


No doubt FaceTime is very popular among users. The bottom line is Apple doesn’t want Android or any other device than iPhone / macOS to use FaceTime service. Apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are your best alternative to FaceTime for Android.