About FaceTimeTips.com

About FaceTimeTips.com

At FaceTimeTips.com, we are a group of iOS developers, geeks, and enthusiasts who love to use FaceTime and iServices. We are running communities all over the internet on different platforms to help people understand how FaceTime and other iOS related features work.

Our goal is to help people understand and learn how to communicate with their friends and family securely using the FaceTime app. We receive many requests and questions from our users regarding setting up, installing, and downloading FaceTime.

Many myths are linked with FaceTime due to its exclusivity and limitation to iOS and macOS devices only. Many Android users want to try FT calls on their devices, and they end up installing fake and spyware apps on their devices. The same scenario happens with Windows users.

We launched FaceTimeTips.com as a dedicated hub for such users to learn about FaceTime’s availability and alternatives to avoid ending up with a non-genuine service.

FaceTime is a registered trademark of Apple. We are not related to or affiliated with Apple. The logo of FaceTime, service, and screenshots are all copyright and patents of Apple.

We are here for just an informational basis to help users avoid any issues.