FaceTime for PC – Download FaceTime for Windows 10/8/7 & macOS

download facetime for pcAre you looking for FaceTime for PC or Windows? Here is a clean guide explaining how to download FaceTime for PC on Windows.

Apple’s FaceTime is one of the popular voice-over-internet audio/video calling apps for iPhone and macOS devices. It allows you to talk, chat, and hold meetings with your friends, family, clients, colleagues, or anyone with an iPhone, iPad, and required device.

FaceTime app is built-in directly in iOS, and macOS devices allow you to call anyone using a phone number or their apple ID. All you need is to tap the contact from your contact list, and FaceTime call will initiate. It allows you to host a video call in HD quality and secure a communication method. Thus, its fame and popularity.

FaceTime app is top-rated all over the world and across different platforms. FaceTime for PC is one of the most wanted applications for Windows. Many people want to communicate using FaceTime from Windows like macOS. Today, we will be explaining how you get FaceTime on PC functionality and call directly from Windows to your iPhone/iPad friends or family.

Why FaceTime for PC or Windows?

FaceTime app is a common and most used mechanism for video calling on iPhones and macOS devices. Indeed, it is one of the first applications explicitly made for iPhone devices. Apple announced FaceTime back in 2010 as a premier video calling app.

Over the years, FaceTime received tons of attention from all platforms, and that’s why FaceTime for PC is most looked for application. There is no shortage of third-party video calling apps, but FaceTime has gained fame due to its compatibility, security, and excellent uptime. It directly works on your device without having to set up anything. Anyone can use it with the required hardware and OS requirements.

FaceTime for PC is developed specifically to ensure all the features are available for everyone. You can now make FaceTime calls from macOS to macOS, macOS to iPhone, or vice versa. It allows you to connect with iPhone, iPad, macOS, and iPod Touch users. You can make calls from FaceTime PC to Android, iPhone, and other users. Ranked as the best video calling application for PC by tech reviewers.

Apple has included all security, compatibility, and animoji features. You can download FaceTime for Windows. To better understand how to make video calls, keep reading the article.

FaceTime for PC Features & Support:

FaceTime app is full of features that set it apart from the rest of the video/audio calling applications. Apple has improved FaceTime call quality over the years. Constant improvements in the service have made FaceTime the best app out there for video communication.

download facetime pc features

Here is a full list of FaceTime features:

  • Make audio/video calls using phone numbers or just Apple ID.
  • Make calls through WiFi or Network Data and without even a SIM card.
  • You can host Group Video calls on FaceTime with up to 32 people at once.
  • Animoji – AR filters are built directly in the FaceTime application.
  • Use both the front and backside cameras during the video call.
  • Make just Audio calls to FaceTime users.
  • FaceTime is directly integrated on your device, no need to install or download any app.
  • Encrypted audio & video calls using Apple’s end-to-end privacy.
  • High-Quality Video and Audio Calling with Low Data Consumption
  • PIP mode (Picture in Picture)
  • FaceTime is available for free for everyone.

FaceTime for PC – Evolution of Encrypted Video Calling

Connecting to your loved ones on Video is one of the best methods of communication in this era. Video calls and meetings have overtaken everything from conventional texting to phone calls. Daily, we use video calls to connect with friends, family members, and clients.

There comes the need of FaceTime, and it allows us to fill the gap between long-distance communications. We use VOIP video calling features to discuss sensitive information from casual discussions to emotional conversations with family members.

Unlike other applications, FaceTime comes with device encryption that allows it to make it more secure than any other platform available for users. Apple is known for its security measures, and FaceTime is one of the examples.

Download FaceTime for PC / Windows

FaceTime for PC is not directly available from Apple. FaceTime app is designed specifically for Apple devices, and you need an iOS or macOS device to make FaceTime work for you. However, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy secure video calling on our devices or not get the app.

download facetime pc app

There are many ways to get FaceTime for PC, although Apple doesn’t support third-party devices. We have our ways to get the application working for you.

  1. Running a macOS VM to get FaceTime for PC
  2. Setting up Hackintosh to get FaceTime for PC
  3. Using third-party applications to make video calls to iPhone / iPad

Option #1: FaceTime for PC using macOS VM on Windows

Getting FaceTime on a Windows machine is more comfortable than before. You don’t have to purchase an expensive PC to get it working for you. Running a Mac OS X virtual machine is not new; it is one of the oldest methods to get iServices working for you.

There are tons of applications that allow you to run a working macOS version inside your Windows PC, and using macOS, you can install FaceTime for PC. It will enable you to make and receive video calls just like a Mac.

facetime vmware macos

Some of the popular applications are VMware Workstation Player, VirtualBox, VMware Fusion. You can download FaceTime on PC using these applications.

From an average computer user to industrial usage, the macOS VM method is the best. Anyone can run a macOS and get all the futures that Apple has packed for its users. Although setting up a VM is challenging and requires technical details.

Here is an in-depth article covering how you get FaceTime using macOS VM on PC

Option #2: Hackintosh Your PC to Get FaceTime & iServices

If you are ready to take things to the next level, your best option is setting up a Hackintosh to get FaceTime for PC on your usual computer. Hackintosh allows you to run macOS on your standard PC machine without investing in Apple’s hardware.

A Hackintosh turns your computer into a Mac computer, and you get to enjoy full-scale macOS installation. Not just FaceTime, you get all the Apple-specific applications and services, including iMessages on your PC.

facetime for pc download

Hundreds of users are running hackintoshes for work to hobby explorations. Even people in Hollywood are expanding their hardware using Hackintosh. You can easily find a Hackintosh guide according to your device. It requires technical information and requires an excellent time of effort to get it working.

There are easy methods, such as using Clover and OpenCore, to convert your conventional PC into a Mac. Running Hackintosh, you will simulate your hardware as a Mac machine and get all the features, including FaceTime audio and video calls on PC.

Option #3: Apps Like FaceTime for Windows & PC

FaceTime for PC is available through many options, but this method is one of the easiest ways to date. You want to secure video calling with your family or friends; you can use third-party apps such as Google Duo, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Skype.

These apps are your best option to get FaceTime like functionality on your Windows PC without spending any time on technicalities. Although, we prefer using Hackintosh builds to get FaceTime working on our PC.

Third-Party apps from Google, Microsoft, or Facebook are widely used and popular like FaceTime; furthermore, it allows you to make video calls cross-platform. There is no need to have just an iPhone to make video or audio calls. You can use your Windows computer to an Android device to an iPhone.

Here is a complete list of third-party apps that gives you similar features such as Apple is offering in FaceTime app:

If you want to know more about FaceTime alternatives for Windows, keep reading, we covered these apps in detail for you!

How to Download and Install FaceTime for PC

facetime for windows

How Do I Use FaceTime on PC?

FaceTime app is straightforward to use and operate. You can easily make audio/video calls with anyone who has FaceTime-enabled on their devices. To get FaceTime working, all you need is to log in with your Apple ID on your device; it can be an iPhone or macOS device.

facetime pc download

Both FaceTime and iMessage go hand in hand with each other. You can chat with your friends and can even send stickers just like any separate app. The introduction of Animoji in FaceTime has made the service a fantastic app, as it allows you to enable live AR filters during your calls.

If you already got FaceTime app, here is how you can use it to make a video or audio call:

Step 1: Download / Install FaceTime on your machine. (If you already have it, move to step 2)
Step 2: Launch FaceTime and enter your Apple ID details to make it work.
Step 3: Upon the successful login in FaceTime, you may get a notification on your iPhone that your current cellular number is also registered with FaceTime (that’s okay).
Step 4: Now enter a FaceTime-enabled phone number or email ID to make a call!
Step 5: That’s it.

You can use the app to make calls without any cellular network or SIM card. It uses the internet to connect with Apple’s server and thus allow you to make encrypted video or audio calls.

How to use FaceTime on macOS

Apple already packs a FaceTime app inside macOS. You can open the app and start using it. The method is very straightforward and easy. macOS officially supports FaceTime and iOS handoff, which allows your macOS machine to receive and make both FaceTime and cellular phone calls using your Mac machine.

download facetime app

Step 1: Open FaceTime app from Dock at the bottom of the screen
Step 2: Enter your Apple ID details if you haven’t set up during macOS installation.
Step 3: That’s it. Now you can use the FaceTime app to make calls.

You can make sufficiently high-quality video calls at 720p and 1080p resolution on your mac, depending on the hardware specifications. It consumes very low data as compared to other services such as Skype, Viber, Google Duo.

Download FaceTime app for Android Phone

We already know FaceTime is a popular video/audio calling app among users. Android users also want to connect with their friends using native technologies. However, running FaceTime on Android is not a priority by Apple.

Initially, it was launched only for iPhone and macOS devices. Apple wants to limit its services to their devices only. There are ways to get FaceTime for Android working on your device. Here is a complete guide about FaceTime for Android.

Setting Up FaceTime Video / Audio Calls on Windows

Out of all methods, if you opt for a native Windows method to get FaceTime for PC running on your machine. You need to understand some of the limitations and constant troubles that you may get with compatibility.

Facetime for PC BlueStacks

Giving support for Windows isn’t a priority for Apple, as it will rule their devices. For years, they have limited both FaceTime and iMessage to their devices. Now with technologies like simulators, we can port some of the functionality to Windows.

FaceTime for Windows isn’t officially available from Apple or Microsoft. You need to download an app like Nox App Player or BlueStacks to get the FaceTime app on Windows. Such simulations come with errors and less compatibility as compared with running macOS on your Windows machine.

Here is a complete walk-through of how you can set up FaceTime on Windows:

Step 1: Make sure you have the latest Windows installed and running with an active internet connection.
Step 2: Get the latest version of BlueStacks for Windows.
Step 3: Once you have a working BlueStacks, you can use FaceTime apk file to install it on your Windows.
Step 4: That’s it. You need to log in with your Apple ID and continue using the application.

Simulators are an excellent technology, but we won’t recommend it for daily usage. The perfect method is to set up a VM on Windows if you don’t want to install macOS on your hardware.

Fix FaceTime Errors – FaceTime Not Working

Just like any other application, the FaceTime app also does have some errors, or at least users face them while using the service. We cover some of the most common issues that you may encounter while using FaceTime on Windows or PC.

FaceTime for PC & Windows

Why is FaceTime stuck on connecting?

FaceTime works out of the box with iOS and macOS devices. Apple delivers the application inside the OS. You don’t have to download any app to get it working. However, this makes the default application go obsolete over time.

To fix facetime stuck on connection issues, you need to make sure you have the latest iOS or macOS installed on your device.

What to do if FaceTime keeps failing?

Apple-designed the FaceTime service to even work with low data. It consumes very little data as compared to other services. However, there comes a time when your device doesn’t have a stable internet connection and thus makes FaceTime unstable for you.

To avoid FaceTime call failing, make sure you have an active internet connection, and it doesn’t drop any packets.

Why is FaceTime unavailable?

There could be many reasons why FaceTime is unavailable for you. It could be due to the next person not picking up the call or having an active internet connection on their device. It could also happen due to poor internet connection on your device.

You need to make sure both you and the next person have a working connection.

Why is FaceTime stuck on the activation screen?

FaceTime stuck on the activation screen due to many reasons. One of the popular reasons is unable to communicate with Apple Servers. You can check Apple server status to make sure the service is working correctly all over the world.

It can happen due to poor internet connection and as well firewall configuration on your router.

In Hackintosh, it could be due to fake serial numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions // FaceTime for PC Support

Here are some of the most asked questions about FaceTime. You can check out the industry responses to know more about FaceTime video calling.

Are FaceTime Calls Free?

Yes, FaceTime is free of cost for all users. It works over the internet. You need to have a working internet connection to make a video or audio call. You may pay for the cellular data network if you make a call over mobile data.

Are FaceTime Calls Secure?

Security is one of the critical factors in the promotion of FaceTime. Apple is known for its security layers in iOS and macOS. From institutions to small businesses to average users, everyone relies on Apple’s iOS security. It gives you complete control of your communication.

Can your record FaceTime video call?

There is no formal method to record FaceTime video calls on iOS. However, you can use a screen recording feature in iOS 11+ to record a FaceTime video call (with some restrictions and limitations).

Can FaceTime be used on a PC?

Yes. You can use a PC to make FaceTime video or audio calls. It depends on the system and requirements. You need to have a working macOS running on your standard PC to get FaceTime working for you.

Can FaceTime calls be tapped?

FaceTime is a secure video calling app using voice over internet protocol. Apple encrypts FT calls with end to end security, which means someone has to access both devices to access the communication and tap.

In easy words, FT calls can’t be tapped.

Can you share the screen on FaceTime?

Yes, you can share a screen on a FaceTime video call.

Can you do a group video call using FaceTime?

FaceTime Group Video calls allow you to have 32 participants in a single video call.